The best thing about motion graphics is that they allow content creators to make a large amount of content much more cost-effectively than shooting live actors. Motion graphics can be full videos or they can be smaller graphic elements like an animated logo at the beginning of a video.

If you have a product to showcase, try creating an explainer video that will describe its features and how it works. If you’re doing video content marketing, an animated logo at the beginning of your videos will establish your brand consistently across your whole content library.  Motion graphics posted on social media like videos or animated gifs have the potential to go viral and spread your name around free of charge! The possible applications of motion graphics are endless, so the only limit is what you can dream up.

2D Animation

Marketing plays a pivotal role in ensuring business growth and development, so it’s important to be continually thinking about what you can do next to keep up your marketing’s momentum. One tool that businesses have employed is animation. We have seen a 40% increase in businesses incorporating 2D animation into their marketing process.

The most successful 2D animation videos rely on compelling characters to get their story across. These characters can range in complexity, from simple stick figures all the way up to lushly realistic drawings. These characters can speak, or they can be storybook props to demonstrate the real human value of your product or service. The characters don’t even have to be human!

3D Animation

3D videos increase brand recognition. Any concept, presented as an animated video, is more exciting and attracts public attention. Most people prefer to watch videos rather than read content. I think these animated videos can never be boring and can effectively convey messages. Companies are banking on the power of social media. The primary business strategy is to promote its brands efficiently and interestingly. This can, of course, be achieved by creating animated videos for your business. Your brands can reach people quickly and easily.

More than 60% of consumers will spend at least two minutes watching a video telling them of the product they plan to buy.