Marketing is an essential part of creating and promoting a brand. Social media marketing has been around for quite some time now. Using social media as a method of marketing had been gaining popularity according to multiple data usage and user growth statistics. One of the major platforms that has proved to be efficient and impactful is Instagram. Presently, Instagram marketing seems to be all the rage.

Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing is one of the top strategies’ that brands are using to build up their target customer base. The fundamental reasoning is that the platform is widely popular and has marketing-focused features that help boost the brand awareness agenda, in favor of the businesses.

According to a US-based study done by Pew Research Center, the statistics concentrated on the daily platform usage of Instagram, specifically, notes that social media platform is used a percentile of 60, in a average, on a daily basis.

The data presents:

What the usage data suggests is that Instagram sees traffic more than generic platforms on a daily basis more than most other platforms. The key selling-point that attracts brands to market via Instagram platform is that the algorithm of this platform provides a suitable environment for the brands and businesses to use it to reach more unique users.

The Instagram algorithm works in such a way that your Instagram feed will consist more suggestions, targeted ads and show more brands which you seem to be interested in. Over the years of evolution and updates of this popular online platform, the algorithms have been constantly upgraded itself to cater more to brands and has become more of a mix of marketing media rather than just a platform where you can share pretty pictures.

The features that help any brand achieve those true numbers are- Instagram stories, Hashtag usage, IGTV, Instagram Live. Other strategy ideas are promotion through brand ambassadors, sponsorships and appeal to the international versus domestic audience.

We are going to walk through the systematic way these Instagram features impact on marketing via contents and advertisements.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a feature that this social media platform has where you can create posts and put them up for 24 hours at a time. You can also add it to highlight reels so those will show up on your profile exclusively. This feature is widely popular. Especially among young users. This is one of the main target features that brands use to reach out to more users on the platform.

This also provides the owners of those accounts to gain more following, active users. This boosts interaction and the cash flow possibility. It is a win-win situation for influencers who do want to prosper specifically through social media marketing.

Hashtag Usage

Hashtags are a genius contribution to the world of digital and social media marketing. Hashtags in Instagram basically helps you connect to your area of interest. For example, if you want o see majority of posts that are related to a specific brand, you can search it on Instagram and you can follow that specific hashtag to explore and engage more with those types of products or brands.

Hashtag usage has boosted the platforms usage both from the ends of brands as well as users. This has become one of the most important connecting methods in the renowned platform.

IGTV and Instagram Live

IGTV is a feature in Instagram where brands don’t need to worry about broadcast costs. The only place they invest in is making a medium-length advertisement which can be shared, talked about and does not disappear after it has been watched. The brands can be tagged, the users who are interested in those specific brands or its products can follow and save those posts. The possibilities have a vast domain in this case.

Instagram Live is pretty obvious. Brands sponsor and equip ambassadors and they promote those products casually as a part of their lives as a lifestyle setting. This promotes automatically without effort via those ambassadors or influencers.  

Measuring Instagram marketing success

Instagram provides you with specific data how your business is growing. You can specifically open a business account, link your other social media accounts of different platforms and even promote within those platforms of your choice.

The specific data shows you the regions where your business or your brand has seen more traffic, the likes on your product posts show you which products are more popular and which ones can use more boosting. There are even methods where your boosted products will show up in between IG stories as targeted ad.

Source: Hubspot

The brand ambassadors feature a product. Add eternal links to the website of the business and promote the products that their followers may also get inspired into buying or at least primarily explore. Many of these are sponsored and influencers or ambassadors are basically committing to the advertisement of those selective products.  

This kind of specific advertisement has revolutionized the previous method of outreach brands used to have. Hype-culture is also a part of this widespread strategy. Small businesses are even gaining more and more unique customers through these basic yet effective strategies.

Future of Instagram Marketing

User-generated content is one of the promising metrics in Instagram marketing strategy. This has the potential to become huge with time. Especially, the marketing divisions are becoming more digital and social media platform-based. This will definitely show impact on the vision of marketing agendas businesses will have.

With the inclusion of brand-new features and the frequent modifications of Instagram algorithm, this platform is bound to soar even higher among the field of social media marketing. The recent additions like- Instagram Shopping feature, Content creation and the already existing feature of Carousel posting becoming more popular among brand promotion has helped businesses reach new heights.

One of the major boosts Instagram has seen is through influencers. The inclusivity and diversity have not only impacted Instagram among the US-based users, it has spread outside of the USA as well. According to Hootsuite, the outside of US region-based users make up an astounding 88% of all active users of the platform. The average amount the of usage of this platform is a minimum of 30 minutes a day. 50% of users browse on the brand websites after noticing it on Instagram.

These features and strategies are bound to evolve and have major impact of the way today’s generation interacts with brands. This has also transformed the way brands appeal to users and gain unique traffic, attract active and loyal consumers. The best part is that the products basically sells themselves because the users then post their own lifestyles and the brands get free advertisement from one person getting their product and talking about it!

End Note

Among the other marketing strategies, social media marketing has prospered a lot since its dawn. Instagram is said to the fourth most popular platform for content creation and brand promotion. The impact it has on today’s consumers and businesses is massive. This will continue to do so and there is more to come. This just may be just the start of marketing via Instagram and other social media platforms.

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