Nowadays, people who are managing websites often find ways to increase organic traffic on their websites. But they want to know the ways to get organic traffic without ranking their websites.

If you’re also one of those people who want to get organic traffic for your website without ranking, then this article hopefully will be proven as useful to you.

A business owner often tries to get fame by getting his website more popular. That is why he/she wants to know how to increase website traffic

There are also some inquisitive people who want to have ideas about how to promote a website on Google. Both kinds want to have their wishes fulfilled by knowing about organic SEO tips. So, “How to get Organic Traffic without Ranking” is a burning question nowadays.

If you’re now thinking that why you should want more website traffic, then we have answers to this question too –

  • Web Traffic lets you know how your marketing is going on.
  • You can have the capacity to know your audience and that will help you in making decisions. 
  • By improving your SEO and search engine authenticity, you can definitely achieve a better position in the market.
  • Web Traffic can have a direct impact on the growth of your website. 
  • You can produce more guidance and improve discussions which will attract more customers.

15 Ways to Get Organic Traffic without Ranking your Website

However, improving web traffic is never an effortless attempt. Rather it’s going to be a very difficult task, especially when you’ll notice people following crowd trends. Here we present to you some ways of how to get traffic to a new website –

Make Video Contents

All of the e-commerce retailers now have paid attention to the fact that people get attracted to listening and watching rather than reading. Besides, if one can all the needed information about something in a single video, then who would take the struggle to read articles?

video content

Say, if you want to sell a product like a face wash for girls, then would a video not be more productive than an article? So if you want to increase traffic to your website, focus on making video content along with posting articles.

Allow Comments on Blogs

Adding a comment section on the posts is an old tactic to improve web traffic. This initiative lets people know that you’re open-minded enough to take criticisms about your website.

When you deliver quality content in your website and readers get attracted, then they would post good, meaningful comments on the contents. This method would definitely help to get traffic to a new website.

Use LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is considered as one of the most popular platforms nowadays for engaging organic traffic. LinkedIn provides the opportunity to get directly connected with the audience, forming a bond with them, and then spreading your business.


You can easily publish rich content including graphical information pictures about your website on LinkedIn, which will attract more audiences to your website.

Joining in different groups to advertise about your website and adding relevant hashtags on your posts would be other organic SEO tips.

Adding different but relevant hashtags increase your reach. More customers can discover you through these unique hashtags. Remember that!

Make Audio Contents and Create Podcasts

If you’re lost in thoughts about how to increase organic traffic to your website, then consider using podcasts and making audio content. Trust me, these can bring a remarkable change in your website and can improve organic search results.

According to a survey, US Population’s more than 44% of people are habituated to listening to podcasts.


The podcast is something that delivers the highest number of pieces of information to the audience along with sprinkling entertainment. Because of being a mobile phone friendly option, it can incredibly engage the audience. That’s why Podcast is a very effective medium to get organic traffic without ranking. In addition, if you can make quality audio content then it will be a positive step to attract more people towards your website.

Use E-mail List Building

While thinking about how to get traffic to your website, you frequently forget that your current customers or readers can be of great use to you. You can send them emails when you publish new content. People also call this “E-mail Marketing”.

If your followers or constant readers check their mails and read the newly published content, that’s how you get traffic to your website. So the next time you think about improving the web traffic of your website, consider building an e-mail list.

If you build an e-mail list, you can send notifications through emails to your constant followers to watch your new videos too!

Topic Expertise

If you can be a topic expert, then the search engines will also favor you. That’s how you will get to improve organic search results. What you have to do is keeping as much knowledge as you can possess about the topic you’re writing.

You can target long-tail keywords while writing supporting blog posts, which will transparently show that you have researched a topic elaborately. You can also keep a column page to let the readers know about the content in short and to show the same thing.

Online Communities

Promoting your products or contents on the relevant online communities is another way to increase organic traffic. Social media has now taken a huge place in people’s minds. They almost have booked a particular time of their daily routine to be on social media. Also, it’s now known as a free and famous marketing tool.

If you can utilize this opportunity by advertising about your website through various social media accounts, then nobody can stop you from getting more organic traffic to your website. Moreover, if you add a social share option on the posts of your website, your content will reach a huge audience. 

Creating content on social media platforms are is free of cost, right? So why are you delaying? Start using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or any other popular social media platform for increasing organic traffic to your website.

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising is another SEO tip. By taking the help of search engines, you can add pay-per-click advertisements on your website. This can rapidly increase your website traffic.

paid marketing

For adding these kinds of ads, you can take help from social media too. If you run display ads in your website’s social media accounts, then you can improve the organic search results of your website

Using Back Links

You can never deny the fact that the online world now survives on links. So, for bringing web traffic to your website, you have to concentrate on providing backlinks. The backlink is a term of SEO which means using a referral link from a different website.

If you can provide one or two backlinks of your website in the content of other websites, then it’s obvious that people will get more access to your website. Building an internal relationship with the contents of other websites can be proven to be very useful to you.

Using backlinks show to the search engines that your contents are readable,  creditable, and trustworthy. So, quickly ask your business partners to add your website link to their page which will bring more web traffic to your website.

Using Internal Links

Using internal links means using an article’s link to a website in another article on the same website. Like if you write a new article on “Top 10 Actresses of Bangladesh” and if you have an old published article named “Top 10 Actors of Bangladesh”, then you can use the earlier written article’s link on the new article as an internal link.

Using an internal link mainly provides two benefits –

1) The readers stay on your website for a long time,

2) People get to read two or more articles on your website at once. Do you think you should miss this opportunity to increase organic traffic to your website

Finding the Best Keywords

People now want to find more pieces of information while reading an article. An article that provides almost all information about any topic, becomes the favorite article to a researcher, and that researcher often then visits that website if once he gets satisfied with an article on that website. 

keyword research

So, instead of throwing any keywords in your content, rather give importance to what the audience is searching for. If you can give everything needed in content, only then it becomes the best kind of article. 

But serving the best kind of article to the researchers is not that easy, right? For that, you have to keep your article updated always by adding the best keywords. 

If you are not able to provide relevant information to the researchers, they will not count your article as a “Quality Content”. Google also appreciates the fact that using the best keywords in an article can easily attract a reader.

Add “Write for Us” Option: The “Write for Us” option is called as “Guest Posts” on many websites. When you add this option on your website, it clearly indicates that you want more involvement of people on your website. This overwhelms the audience.

Because of having guest posts on your website, you can have more referral traffic because of having more backlinks. If you add contributors to your website, then it helps you to improve website traffic rankings

Identifying your Target Audience

What happens in most cases that the business owners don’t have any idea about their target customers. Then, the products or services of them don’t reach to those people who need that product or service.

It’s quite obvious that someone who doesn’t need the product or service will not visit the website, which will not help to add more organic traffic to your website. So, even before founding the website, you have to set a target for who your audience will be.

Keeping your ears to the Ground 

If you really want to know how to get more visitors to your website, then you must follow a major strategy. You have to keep your ears always on the ground, which means you must have to know about what’s happening in the world lately. 

Only then you’ll be able to publish the latest news which will undoubtedly make your website more fascinating and more winning. More importantly, you have to understand which news will get more priority according to the demands of the audience. 

Prioritize Quality over Quantity

As a business owner, you must give more importance to quality if you want to have more visitors on your site organically. If you can deliver content that has the best keywords and also enriched with other SEO tools, then you can make your customer’s time worthy of reading your content.

Always remember, people get pleased with the quality of content, they don’t just notice how much content you’re delivering, whether you’re delivering more content or not. It’s just the quality that matters. So bring your focus to create beneficial content for customers.

Besides following these steps, there are some things you must avoid. The strictly prohibited things are given below –

You must avoid building cheap links.

If you’re thinking to publish a stolen or partially copied content, drop the plan immediately. It will only bring losses for your website. 

Don’t think of posting any content which will not be helpful to anyone. Try posting helpful content always.

In 2019, research was done by the “Content Marketing Institute” to know the exact situation about content professionals. According to that Research, almost 61% of content professionals feel challenged to know about what are the most important things to their audience.

Again, 50% feel challenged to know the goal of their audience while 49% feel challenged to know the steps of their customer’s journey.

Apart from these, many people consider getting organic traffic without ranking as a waste of time, again many take it as the greatest commission of effort. It’s your call what you want to call it, but in this article, we have tried heart and soul to let you know how to improve organic search results.

Last words….

Last but not the least, if you think this article has provided you pieces of information about which questions need to be answered to determine a website’s authority, then don’t forget to share this with your friends who need these informations.  

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